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Vehicles tracking system

With Full pride Direction Integrated Systems Co. Ltd. developed its automatic tracking system forvehicles


Many companies have a huge departments require them to provide a means for workers to transport goods , such as sales departments and othertechnical departments responsible for customer service, these departments have great share in maximizing the company's profits and play a important role in customer satisfaction.
Despite this fact ,senior management understands the importance of maintaining the productivity rates of these departments, they sometimes ignores the importance of the transport fleet management serve these departments in order to achieve higher
productivity rates at the lowest possible cost. The companies that rely on fleets of transport as one of the main instruments governing the conduct of the work depends upon such distribution companies are supposed to have sufficient expertise to manage its own fleet of transport by employees where bother appointing of them experience in the organization of work and the fleet.However, this does not apply to most of the companies that deal in selling a commodity, market, or maintenance depending on the means of transport owned, as here, the company is required to offer this service to work on own and operate vehicles to help those who work in the implementation of their duties And here consists fleet management problem transport in non-specialized companies with access to higher productivity management concerned at the lowest cost transfer is not easy and helping the difficulty of this matter is that the nature of the transportation costs in itself it cost does not centralized and diverse in the sense that the cost is repeated often and in amounts small in a variety of geographic areas, which incalculable traditional methods.


Hence pioneered automated vehicle tracking system, which helps the organization to transport fleet management and follow-up by satellite

Hence it is clear that the transport fleet is a work tools such as production or computer to machines administration and the process of binding policies put each company's departments will ensure monitoring and control the actions of employees to manage this fleet and staff by established policies allowing access to the operating efficiency of the transport fleet and provide cost desired helping both those who work for senior management in achieving their goals.

Direction Company is one of the first promoter companies to program of automatic tracking of vehicles in Sudan

Features of Direction tracking system

Immediate Follow-up the car and find out (route - Speed - Direction - the case of the engine).
Immediate alert in case the car changes its specified way.
Immediate alert when the car gets over the speed limit .
Immediate alert in case of entry of prohibited areas.
Contact the driver at any time to help or guidance.
The possibility of stopping the car engine.
Possibility of following-up of more than a car at a time.
Possibility of defining and identifying clients on the map easily.


The Possibility of using local maps, without the need for the Internet.
The system ensures maximum protection for data that is exchanged between the car and the system to prevent spying.
Securing system database, And only allow access to it by the system administrator.
There is a specific level of authorization for each user of the system .

several types of devices


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By using GIS to more efficiently bring information together, transportation planners are in a better position to review, analyze, and understand the problems they are addressing. This efficiency can save time and money, and can lead to improved decisionmaking. ”

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